March 16, 2013

Thanks to you & Bradley for carrying a fun groove through the night.
And especially for allowing Ruby and the rest of us a last few songs
to rock out to, and get us started on the cleanup.
It was a heap o' fun. Look forward to having you do another gig - just
gotta find an excuse to do it!

 June 21, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

With this letter, I highly recommend Sheldon Knight (aka DJ Knight) to you.

Sheldon started working with me in 1997 as Production Manager of drink. . . and eat too! restaurant and nightclub in Chicago, which also had another location in Las Vegas. The 25,000 sq ft. Chicago location held approximately 1500 guests for a reception or as a nightclub setting.

During this time, I was Director of Special Events and worked very closely with Sheldon. When I needed a DJ in a pinch for an eight-hour open house, Sheldon stepped in and covered the event very successfully. Little did I know at the time that it was his first time spinning to a live audience; I found that out years later, and Sheldon and I shared a good laugh!

Sheldon’s talent for pleasing the crowd became evident very quickly, spinning one great song intertwined into another, on and on over the course of the evening.  Sheldon became our house DJ for special events, as well as most club evenings. Due to his talent and knowledge, he also oversaw all productions as N9NE’s House Technician and Production Manager.

Drink had a good run with numerous accolades, but, as the nature of the business is cyclical, drink eventually closed after approximately 10 years. At the same time, the owners of drink. . .and eat too were opening a new 17,000 sq ft. restaurant and nightclub, N9NE Steakhouse and Ghostbar, just blocks away.  This facility also earned the highest accolades as both a restaurant and nightclub and is on it’s 12th year here in Chicago.

Many of the employees shifted to our new facility. I remained as Director of Marketing & Special Events and Sheldon continued his position as DJ, House Technician and Production Manager. DJ Knight’s tenure at both venues can be best described as professional, extremely knowledgeable, gregarious, happy, engaging, hip, gracious and ever pleasing to the guests. He was always punctual with a smile and never let us down.

Drink and N9NE Steakhouse Chicago both catered to a variety of clients, so DJ Sheldon needed to be flexible and accommodate a wide range of musical genres. He religiously contacted our clients well before the event, and catered his sets to their needs. Musical requests ranged from Hip Hop, Rock, Top 40, House, Disco, Motown, Jazz and even the Brat Pack. DJ Knight had the range in his repertoire to please everyone.

As our Production Manager, he coordinated all of our audio visual needs. His background as a Touring Stage Technician was critical for the success of many of our events. All of - 2 - our electrical, sound, lighting and video services were in good hands when Sheldon was our point man. His talent as a DJ, along with his event production knowledge, have been sorely missed since his departure to Vancouver in 2009. I have never found anyone else as capable at advancing a show and ensuring that every base was covered.

I had never worked with a DJ as talented, a House Technician as dedicated or a Production Manager as over-qualified. I have never even looked for a replacement for Sheldon because he is a one of a kind and definitely not replaceable . . .not ever. . .not even now. . .years later.

I would highly recommend Sheldon Knight to you for any position he feels qualified to seek. If you need further information, please feel free to contact me directly.


Julianne M. Zerega
Director of Marketing & Special Events
N9NE Steakhouse Chicago
440 W. Randolph Chicago, IL 60606

July 17, 2012


Sheldon Knight is by far the most talented and professional DJ I have ever worked with. Our history together spans 17 years, and in that time he has brought to the table a range of talents and skill sets that have been indispensable to every event we’ve produced. In addition to keeping a tight hand on the crowd vibe, he brings a wealth of technical support and creative contributions far above and beyond plugging in and turning the room to gold. 

I have worked with Sheldon in club, corporate & stadium events. He is equally comfortable and well equipped to handle any environment and crowd. He is fun, responsive, and a consummate professional. I highly recommend adding Sheldon to your permanent roster. I did and I have never been disappointed.


Rachel Kane

Creative Director

BLD Décor & Scenery


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Aimee M.'s Review
Review from Aimee M.

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Aimee M.
Chicago, IL

"I will say, N9ne is sweet! it's a little artificial feeling with the big open dining room and vaulted ceilings, but the bar area is warm, cozy and has house Dj that knows how to rock

"Sheldon Knight.. I try not to be super annoying cause I know how DJs could care less what you think about what they are playing, they just play." but I asked Sheldon to play me my favorite song: Billy Jean. He did, made my KNIGHT!! :^)"




July 30,  2012

As co-chair of a large non-profit, art party in Chicago, I hired Sheldon to work at the charity event for two years. He was prompt, professional and most of all fun, the crowd loved him. Sheldon also took an interest in our organization and its mission and made time to work with us regarding planning and the best use of the space we had each year. Because of this, the organization kept using him for years afterwards and probably would be still if he hadn’t moved to Vancouver!

—Lindsay Freeman, Chicago

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